SemiSoft for your next project

Are you interested in implementing a SemiSoft based workflow for your next project? The following steps will be necessary for a successful project start:

Send us a short enquiry, containing your full company address, we will send you a mutual non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), which both of us sign.

After the NDA is signed, send us a detailed description of your project containing at least the following information:

  • Size of the Fab: Cleanroom area, number of tools
  • Schedule: Start of concept design, start of detail design, RFE
  • Team structure and size (IE, FM, HU, external Subcontractors)

We will then contact you and invite you to an online presentation, where we will discuss the features and options we offer for your project.

According to your requirements, we then will offer you a customized package and pricing. When all modalities are set and we have received your order, we will start arranging preparations of servers, applications and user training together with your IT department.

Simultaneously, our engineers and consultants will work together with your FM and IE specialists to customize the starting set of SemiSoft data content, specifications and rules. Now your SemiSoft installation is ready for productive use! Our support team will continue to assist the users and make sure that there are no open questions left.